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Growing the Basket

Amidst national inflation and supply disruptions, getting customers to buy more when wallets are pinched has never been harder. How do we woo consumers to spend more with us, to purchase that extra pack of gum, bag of chips, tobacco product or 20oz soft drink? Hear how leading category managers are integrating planogramming creativity, teamwork, data analytics, technology, and loyalty programs to grow their baskets by getting shoppers to spend more than originally planned. 


Director of Merchandising & Space Planning

Senior Sales Manager

Vice President, Retailer Relations & Event Content Director | Moderator
Informa Connect

Debunking the Labor Crisis, One Idea at a Time

Labor and hiring has always been a challenge for c-stores. It’s become especially tricky since the start of the pandemic, testing every convenience-store employer. But convenience retailers have developed strategies to overcome these issues with initiatives ranging from providing referral bonuses, 4-day work weeks and wage increases to cutting down on onboarding time and embracing employees’ cultural values. CSP’s Steve Holtz sits down with 3 c-store HR reps to talk through how they’ve strived to make a difference in their stores.


Talent Acquisition & Performance Manager
The Wills Group

Director of Personnel, Training & Development
Country Fair, Inc

Content Director, Convenience Group | Moderator
CSP Daily News