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Kendra Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer
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Honey Bunchie, LLC

Kendra Bennett, the CMO at Honey Bunchie, LLC, has been pivotal in popularizing Bon Bee Gourmet Honey Bars, a health-conscious snack known for its high honey content and natural ingredients. Under her leadership, the brand gained national recognition, including an appearance on ABC's "Shark Tank" in April 2023 and being selected for 7-Eleven's Brands with Heart program in 2020 and 2023. A renowned public speaker, Kendra has presented at numerous industry events, sharing insights from her journey in transforming a family-owned business into a widely recognized name. 

As a 50% woman-owned and 50% veteran-owned enterprise, the authenticity and appeal of Bon Bee is more than just a snack bar, but a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative health-conscious eating. Kendra Bennett's leadership at Honey Bunchie, LLC exemplifies the perfect blend of strategic marketing, quality product development, and genuine passion for health and wellness in the competitive snack industry.