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Kevin Majewski

Senior Category Manager - Cigarettes
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7-Eleven, Inc.

Kevin grew up in the convenience store industry at their grandparent's little carryout in Temperance, MI doing everything from dusting shelves to taking bottle returns to the backroom. Spending most summers there, Kevin learned the value of hard work and the reward of the visit from your frequent customers. Kevin's father also worked for Gastown (one of the precursors of Speedway) during this time and continued to learn more and more about convenience and Kevin swore he would never work for Speedway! Twenty-five years later, it can now be technically said as they are now a 7-Eleven employee! Kevin began his career at Speedway as an Accountant. Proving a knack with numbers, they then moved on to Marketing Analyst, Food Service Analyst and then Associate Category Manager, Bakery & Deli. After tackling the Marketing world, Kevin moved on to Operations working as a District Manger and Program Manager during and after the Hess aquisition. For the last six years, Kevin has worked as a Category Mgr and now Sr Category Manager in Tobacco and Cigarettes. Kevin's life revolves around their family - the most incredible wife ever, Vanessa - also a 25 year employee of Speedway/7-Eleven, and the most quick witted son, Liam. Most weekends are spent at Liam's soccer or lacrosse games and if they're not there they're most likely at an FC Cincinnati soccer game or hiking in the Ohio trails.