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Kiley Schranze

Assortment Manager
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Wawa, Inc.

Kiley Schranze is an Assortment Manager for Wawa, Inc, overseeing alcohol, private label, and dairy beverage categories. She grew up in Massachusetts and currently resides in New Jersey. Kiley received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Food Marketing from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. Before starting her Wawa journey, Kiley began her career in the coffee industry, creating beverage and equipment programs for foodservice establishments. Kiley has always enjoyed learning about beverages! At Wawa, Kiley specializes in the dynamic world of alcoholic beverages. Her expertise in product optimization, strategic planning, and promotion execution, have driven Wawa's alcoholic beverage sales successfully. With Wawa's upcoming expansion into new markets, Kiley looks forward to learning more about consumer preferences and shopping behaviors in new states. Outside of work, Kiley enjoys her morning workouts at the gym, traveling to new places with her husband, visits up to Massachusetts to spend time with family, and getting together with friends on the weekend.